Everything You Need To Know About the 3 Fund Portfolio

Investing is not at all a complicated process if done in the right manner. One of the simplest ways to invest is using a 3 Fund Portfolio. You can know about this from several banks such as columbia bank Washington Township where you can know in detail about this portfolio. This is a very popular investing approach that is being used by many people these days.

What is the 3 Fund Portfolio

3 Fund Portfolio is an investing approach that consists of 3 assets – International Stocks, U.S. Stocks, and U.S. Bonds. This is a very easy method of investing which does not require much time or effort. You can just take out a few hours every day to monitor your performance.

How Does This Portfolio Work

The main elements of a good investment are diversification, low risk, simple allocation of assets, and low costs. In the three-fund portfolio, you will find all these elements which make it a top investment opportunity. The chances of succeeding in this investment strategy are quite high.

Diverse Portfolio

With this strategy, you can create a diverse portfolio without any kind of confusion. Since there are not many options for stocks, you will not have to worry about spending time on what stocks to choose. You will have to choose only from three fund options, which means that there is no fear of getting over diversified.

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Low Risk and Cost

The expense ratio of the three fund approach is quite low, along with the risk as well. Compared to other funds, you will find this approach to be much more cost-effective, and the success rate quite high. That is why this portfolio is highly recommended by most people.


The three fund portfolio is a great opportunity for beginners to gain an investing experience without the fear of losing too much. One of the best things about this approach is that they do not follow any intense involvement with the daily fluctuation if the market changes like in other investment approaches.

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